A collective approach to value-creation

MIMCO Capital is a real estate player that contributes to the development and revaluation of buildings through collective investment projects. Through various investment units and vehicles, we implement controlled strategies to guarantee the long-term value of our real estate assets, ensuring that they keep pace with with new market expectations.

MIMCO Capital was set up by two of the three founders of MERCUREIM in order to pursue their development by grouping together a set of investment units within the same entity.


* Owned 64% by the partners MIMCO Capital and co-administered by its managers.

Our successful growth in recent years is because our services are primarily driven by our customers’ needs. MIMCO Capital entities, develop and manage real estate investment vehicles, providing investors with access to first-rate management and strategies that would otherwise be out of reach.

They share some common objectives: relatively stable revenue flows, high levels of transparency, strong downward protection and diversified risk sources.

MIMCO Capital controls the entire real estate value chain, from legal structuring to property management, including project management and revaluation.
Through all our actions, we strive to create value for all our investors, partners and users.


Our reach

« MIMCO Capital has a presence in several European countries, mainly in Germany and Luxembourg »



Our expertise

With our newly formed team of creative and professional people, MIMCO Capital has been designed to achieve investment performance and optimal results for its clients.

By combining financial market connections with in-depth knowledge of local real estate, MIMCO Capital has a comprehensive view of the value drivers in European real estate investment markets.

Our team of professionals has experience in all real estate sectors, from traditional to alternative and specialized real estate classes, as well as a vast track record of performance across the entire risk-return spectrum.

Our experience and in-depth knowledge of the market allows us to develop a thoughtful and balanced approach to real estate investment that takes into account the complexity of each of the markets in which we operate.

Investment solutions


The main focus of Everest One is to build a real estate portfolio in Germany through investments primarily in commercial and office real estate, then in a more opportunistic way to hotels, healthcare establishments and residential real estate.


BUILDIM aims to invest in real estate development or buildings to be restructured with high value added corresponding to the investment strategy.

Mercureim EF1

"Closed subscriptions"

MERCUREIM EF1 invests in real estate, through properties mainly located in Germany. The fund favours assets with strong value creation potential through market compliance projects.

Buildim R

Buildim R investment vehicle under Article 150-0 B TER.

The purpose of this structure is to invest in real estate buildings to be restructured or development value added corresponding to the investment strategy.

Expected at Q1 2020

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