A collective approach to value-creation

In a changing world, with changing practices and lifestyles, MIMCO Capital creates value by managing assets which keep pace with market and user expectations. We adapt real estate to its time, in particular through the use of technology and in line with the latest energy standards, so that it will stand the test of time.

With this in mind, MIMCO Capital structures, develops and supports the growth of real estate investment vehicles. Through them, professional investors can gain access to first-rate management and strategies that would normally be out of reach, through a direct individual investment and not via an AIF.

Our investment solutions, with a high level of transparency, target the search for relatively high and stable income flows through an excellent diversification of risk sources.

Aware that taking into account environmental, social and governance criteria leads to a better evaluation of investments in terms of usefulness and sustainability, MIMCO Capital ensures that its investment analyses incorporate socially responsible thinking in response to the challenges of the real estate sector.

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Management / Holding Companies

MIMCO Capital controls the entire real estate value chain, from legal structuring to property management, including project management and revaluation.

Through all our actions, we strive to create value for all our investors, partners and users.


  • MIMCO Capital S.à r.l
  • MIMCO Real Estate Holding S.à r.l

26 Boulevard Royal
L-2449 Luxembourg


  • MIMCO Asset Management GmbH
  • MIMCO Real Estate SE & Co.Kg
  • JURAG Hausverwaltung GmbH

Grolmanstrasse 36
10623 Berlin


  • MIMCO Asset Management S.A.S.

Address :
87 Boulevard Haussmann
75008 Paris

Administrators / GPs

MIMCO Capital entities, develop and manage real estate investment vehicles, providing investors with access to first-rate management and strategies that would otherwise be out of reach.


  • MIMCO Capital S.à r.l.
  • Mercureim S.à r.l.
  • Everest Fund Management S.à r.l.
  • BUILDIM Fund Management S.à r.l.
  • OCITY Fund Management S.à r.l.

26 Boulevard Royal
L-2449 Luxembourg

Investment vehicles

The investment vehicles administered by MIMCO Capital share some common objectives: relatively stable revenue flows, high levels of transparency, strong downward protection and diversified risk sources.


  • Everest One SICAV-RAIF
  • Buildim 19 SICAV-RAIF

26 Boulevard Royal
L-2449 Luxembourg

  • Mercureim EF1 SICAV-RAIF

4, rue Robert Stumper
L-2557 Luxembourg

Our strategies 

Given the complexity of real estate operations and thanks to its expertise in both real estate investments and asset management, MIMCO Capital contributes to the development and revitalization of buildings through collective investment projects.

We master the entire real estate value chain, from legal structuring to property management and asset management. Through various structures and investment vehicles, we implement investment strategies with the objective of significantly increasing the value of our real estate assets over the long term and in rapidly evolving markets, adapting to new challenges and ensuring that they remain in line with new market expectations.

“In a changing world, with changing practices and lifestyles, MIMCO Capital creates value by managing assets which keep pace with market and user expectations.”

Focus on the German market
Property income through real estate revitalization in Germany

As experts of the German real estate market for many years, we carefully select our assets and operations, mainly retail or office buildings to be revitalized, whose strategic location and rarity benefit the rental market.

These assets generate rental income below the market rental value. Our teams' knowledge of the local economic landscape enables us to increase rental income by revitalizing/restructuring our assets and bringing in new tenants. This contributes to substantial value creation.

Through real estate revitalization, we aim to build up a real estate portfolio that offers an increase in value over a short/medium term holding period.

MIMCO Capital's investments in Germany will therefore aim at:

• The acquisition of assets generating immediate minimum income with a capacity to increase rent in the short term;

• The rigorous selection of assets with strong revitalization potential, with the aim of bringing real estate in line with market expectations;

• The development or redevelopment of real estate projects that improve the comfort of residents with the provision of local services (shops, parcel lockers/last mile logistics).

Target operations:
Property income
Priority assets:
Retail or office buildings

Focus on the Luxembourg market
Residential development and buildings restructuring in Luxembourg

Based on our experience and in-depth knowledge of the Luxembourg real estate market, we carefully select development operations that can be either residential, office or retail projects.

Thanks to our expertise and to a real dynamic management, we target a short/medium term capital growth by repositioning our assets in their market to enhance their value through works aiming at transforming and revitalizing the building in order to improve its efficiency while increasing its value creation potential. Our assets are generally vacant or technically outdated and require significant work in order to achieve an attractive overall return from the optimization work performed.

MIMCO Capital's investments in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg will be grouped in the capital of Luxembourg or in its first periphery and will aim at:

• The conversion of obsolete retail buildings in the city center into residential properties;

• The revitalization of residential buildings in order to improve their energy efficiency;

• The development of new luxury real estate projects that meet the latest energy standards.

Target operations:
Real estate development /
Buildings restructuring
Priority assets:
Residential real estate,
office or retail buildings
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