The information provided in the pages of this site is intended only to present the skills in the field of real estate.

They are in no way intended to:

- to constitute an offer or solicitation to sell units or shares of the Fund (s), by any person exercising on any territory in which such an offer, solicitation or distribution would be qualified as illegal or in which the person responsible for such offer or solicitation is not authorized to do so, or to any person from whom such an offer or solicitation is unlawful;

- to present the Investment Fund(s) in an exhaustive manner.

The Fund(s) mentioned on this site is authorized or will be authorized for commercialization, in particular outside its country of origin, only according to numerous restrictions and conditions of eligibility, regulatory or statutory, not described or simply mentioned in a very summary way on this site, which govern the subscription or acquisition of the shares of these Funds, the way they are presented and disseminated by intermediaries (depending in particular on the place of residence of the investor), the eligibility conditions related to the investor (in particular according to its financial knowledge, its financial surface, its regulated status or not, its categorization varies from one country to another, etc.) or the minimum investment required by the documentation of the Fund(s).

The marketing can only be done on the basis of the study of the complete documentation of the Fund(s) and by qualified persons to assimilate the risks.

In general, the Funds are intended only for professional investors as well as for Luxembourgish well-informed investors within the meaning of Luxembourg regulations. The recommended risks, fees and investment opportunities for the Fund are set out in detail in the Fund's disclosure documents which must be made available to the subscriber prior to any subscription or purchase. Official documentation is only available from the General Partner or from partners expressly authorized by the Fund(s).

The value of the investments of this Fund and the income from them may go down as well as up and are not guaranteed. The amount initially invested may not be recovered.

It is the responsibility of the wealth management or asset management professionals to know and comply with all the legal and regulatory provisions in force in any relevant territory on which they are authorized to practice.

The information on this site is protected by copyright and all rights are reserved. They may not be reproduced, copied or redistributed in whole or in part.

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