ESG policy

"Committed to a healthy world and responsible investments".

Aware of the major impact of real estate on the environment but also of the importance of social and governance considerations in any useful and sustainable investment strategy, the MIMCO Capital Group is committed to acting as a responsible investor and minimizing the effects of the operation of its real estate assets.

In an increasingly competitive market, we want to bring value to our investors' savings. Our signature in January 2020 of the six Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), supported by the United Nations, formalizes our commitment to transparency towards our partners and shareholders and is an emblematic step in this process.

By joining this leading international network of asset managers and responsible investors, MIMCO Capital supports sustainability at the global level and is committed to the operational and progressive implementation of these principles aimed at integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) dimensions into the management of its assets.

We are convinced that a robust ESG policy can strongly influence long-term financial performance and the return on our investments.

An investor initiative in partnership with UNEP Finance Initiative and UN Global Compact

Investment policy

At MIMCO Capital, we believe that in a strategy of responsible investment and significant value creation, it is necessary to associate a company's financial performance with its environmental and social impact.

In addition to traditional financial criteria and as part of its responsible investment policy, MIMCO Capital ensures that its investment analyses incorporate socially responsible thinking that addresses the challenges of the real estate sector and leads to a better evaluation of investments.

By applying ESG criteria to our investment and shareholding decision-making processes for all alternative investment funds opened and administered by us, we aim to optimize the financial performance of our investments and to prevent any risk of devaluation and regulatory non-compliance of our assets as well as inappropriate positioning in relation to the needs of our tenants and users.

MIMCO Capital is now taking its commitment as a responsible investor one step further by establishing an ESG charter to take these issues into consideration throughout the investment cycle for any of its funds that mention it in their legal or contractual documentation.

However, MIMCO Capital encourages the application of the ESG pillars but does not systematically constrain itself to do so in the developed management.

Key points of our approach


For its future real estate development and restructuring operations, MIMCO Capital encourages real estate projects that are environmentally friendly, meet the latest energy standards and use natural and renewable resources in the construction process in order to reduce the energy consumption of buildings.


MIMCO Capital considers people to be at the heart of its investment projects. In the on-site field, we ensure that we work with service providers who respect a charter for environmental management while considering the health and safety of their employees, including on construction sites.

Internally, we consider our employees to be our greatest asset: we pay particular attention to their well-being and working conditions.


Alternative investment funds created by MIMCO Capital are subject to the regulatory obligations of the AIFM for the approval of investments, the fight against money laundering and conflicts of interest.

MIMCO Capital is committed to transparent communication with its investors and partners.

Our 4-pillar approach

  • 1. Project sourcing

    MIMCO Capital systematically carries out in-depth due diligence on its investment projects, ensuring that it identifies the essential ESG criteria in the context of new real estate developments or real estate revitalization projects involving major works.
Sourcing de projets Project sourcing Investissements responsables Responsible investments Gestion engagée des actifs Committed asset management Engagement écoresponsable des collaborateurs Eco-responsible commitment of employees Investissements responsables Responsible investments Gestion engagée des actifs Committed asset management Engagement écoresponsable des collaborateurs Eco-responsible commitment of employees Sourcing de projets Project sourcing
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