0field_64d0aeb952f5eDescriptiondescriptionacftextareaActive for more than 13 years in the fiduciary field in Luxembourg, Fanny Picard benefits from solid skills in accounting and financial management. During her years of work experience, she has evolved within the Ocorian group (formerly MAS Luxembourg), a world leader in corporate and fiduciary services, fund administration and capital markets. At first, Fanny worked in the front office in the accounting management of client companies before joining the back office to develop her skills in managing commercial companies. She graduated from the Paul Verlaine University in Metz (France) with a professional degree in organizational management. As a Finance Manager, Fanny is responsible for the financial and administrative management of the Luxembourg companies of the MIMCO Capital group, as well as the organization of automation processes.000group_64c1052e92660Arraytranslatedescription10field_64d0b7b4e34abEmploijobacftextFinance Manager100group_64c1052e92660Arraytranslatejob10field_64d0b7cbe34acImageimageacfimage1701200group_64c1052e92660Arrayidallcopy_oncemediumimage10field_64e5f4f3ee48cLinkedin Profilelinkedin_profileacfurl300group_64c1052e92660Arraycopy_oncelinkedin_profile10field_64c10545ba98edetailsacfcloneArray500group_64c1052e92660Array1Arrayseamlessblock01details1Array