0field_64d0aeb952f5eDescriptiondescriptionacftextareaina Kolschen has over 7 years of experience in infrastructural facility management and property management. Nina started at WISAG Facility Management as assistant to the project manager team for the Sony Center in Berlin and supported the branch management in human resources. She then worked for the american real estate company Tishman & Speyer Properties as an assistant to the property management team and most recently gained in-depth experience as an infrastructural facility operations manager for various Amazon office spaces. Nina has completed an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk and recently graduated as a Facility Management Specialist (GEFMA). At MIMCO, Nina is responsible for the entire property management team located in Germany.000group_64c1052e92660Arraytranslatedescription10field_64d0b7b4e34abEmploijobacftextHead of Property Management100group_64c1052e92660Arraytranslatejob10field_64d0b7cbe34acImageimageacfimage1695200group_64c1052e92660Arrayidallcopy_oncemediumimage10field_64e5f4f3ee48cLinkedin Profilelinkedin_profileacfurl300group_64c1052e92660Arraycopy_oncelinkedin_profile10field_64c10545ba98edetailsacfcloneArray500group_64c1052e92660Array1Arrayseamlessblock01details1Array