0field_64d0aeb952f5eDescriptiondescriptionacftextareaActive for more than 9 years in the financial sector, Sebnem Tülay benefits from a solid skills in accounting and Controlling. With a degree in Economics and Mathematics (B.Sc.), she started her professional career as an accountant at BASF, the largest chemical company in the world. With the change to the controlling department, she managed to centralize a Europe-wide decentralized controlling in Berlin with an international team. In addition to creating and optimizing complex management reports, she was able to gain experience in the following areas: Project management, implementation of SAP Business Application Support, creating Business Intelligence Dashboards and europe-wide training for the BI System SAC. As she continued her career at Beutsche Dahn, she deepened her knowledge of Business planning, forecasting and preparing annual accounts. Sebnem is the main person responsible for the Controlling and parts of the MIMCO Capital Group.000group_64c1052e92660Arraytranslatedescription10field_64d0b7b4e34abEmploijobacftextHead of Controlling100group_64c1052e92660Arraytranslatejob10field_64d0b7cbe34acImageimageacfimage1696200group_64c1052e92660Arrayidallcopy_oncemediumimage10field_64e5f4f3ee48cLinkedin Profilelinkedin_profileacfurl300group_64c1052e92660Arraycopy_oncelinkedin_profile10field_64c10545ba98edetailsacfcloneArray500group_64c1052e92660Array1Arrayseamlessblock01details1Array