In 2021, let's build on our great achievements of 2020!

Dear shareholders, dear partners, dear community,

A page turns, a new one opens. All the teams of MIMCO Capital warmly thank you for being at their side during this year full of challenges and for allowing them to achieve these great performances. It is thanks to your support that we have been able to get so far and so fast in the growth of MIMCO Capital.

There may have been ups and downs in 2020, but real estate revitalization has been more than ever our collective commitment and the new year also announces some great challenges. May the adventure continue by building on our great successes of the past year!

Don't they say that when men work together, mountains turn to gold? So together, let's continue to put real estate in motion. Together, let's brave the obstacles and move forward to reach new heights. Together, let's build 2021.

Thank you for your continued trust year after year. We hope to share with you a new year that is more serene but just as rich in its shades. We send you our best wishes for health, growth, personal and collective success. Finally, we wish you a great year 2021, full of real estate resolutions! 

The MIMCO Capital teams

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