Shopping Center I Dorsten, Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia)

With more than 75.000 inhabitants, Dorsten is a city rich in metal industrial companies, machine builders and textile factories. But also in a more general way of companies of the tertiary sector which contribute to the development of the city, the economy of tourism and leisure activities in Dorsten.

The shopping center is located in the heart of the city, directly at the beginning of the pedestrian zone. A restructuring of the complex is planned. Together with the main tenant "TOOM" of the REWE Group, it is planned to reduce its surface area to 2.500 sqm by signing a new 15-year firm lease. "ACTION" has confirmed its intention to lease 3.000 sqm with a firm 10-year lease. These two new signatures will make it possible to keep the existing rent with a delta between 800 sqm and 1.000 sqm to be rented to finally increase the global rent.

A work budget of about 2 Million euros is planned for the realization of this restructuring.

Key figures

  • 01/2020
  • 8.733 sqm
    Usable area
  • 15.5 M€
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