Our team

Our team develops a comprehensive vision that enables us to activate all the value creation levers on the European real estate investment markets.

Photo - Bernd Von Manteuffel
Bernd Von Manteuffel
Co-Founder & CEO
Photo - Christophe Nadal
Christophe Nadal
Co-Founder & CEO
Photo - Roland Schleider
Roland Schleider
Head of Asset Management
Photo - Alexandra Nadal
Alexandra Nadal
Head of Legal & Administration
Photo - Carole Adeline
Carole Adeline
Marketing & Communications Director
Photo - Volker Grinda
Volker Grinda
Financial Director & Administrator
Photo - Gerd Matern
Gerd Matern
Head of Property Management
Photo - Christophe Coutteau
Christophe Coutteau
Fund Distribution Manager
Photo - Silvia Will
Silvia Will
Director back office
Photo - Nathalie Trasléglise
Nathalie Trasléglise
Investor Relations Manager
Photo - Manuela Zheleva
Manuela Zheleva
Investor Relations
Photo - Renaud Fayard
Renaud Fayard
Investor Relations
Photo - Jean-Philippe Guénier
Jean-Philippe Guénier
Investor Relations
Photo - Jean Christophe Cheung
Jean Christophe Cheung
Investment Manager
Photo - Pera Putnik
Pera Putnik
Real Estate Manager
Photo - Janet Kretschman
Janet Kretschman
Property Manager
Photo - Irina Trypolska
Irina Trypolska
Address: 25C Boulevard Royal
L-2449 Luxembourg
Tel: +352 661 988 977
Email: office@mimcocapital.com
Address: Hohenzollerndamm 133,
14199 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 810 5661-0
Email: office@mimcocapital.com