Luxembourg rank 2nd out of 128 countries in terms of political stability and safety

In a study published by the World Economic Forum, Luxembourg ranks second among the most "inclusive" economies, that is to say, combining growth, population well-being, security and political stability.

To better measure economic development only by GDP alone, the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos is proposing not just GDP. He suggests an index based on three pillars: growth and development, labor force participation and productivity, and life expectancy.

By applying these measures, Norway, Luxembourg and Switzerland rank respectively in the top three rankings of the Forum. France is in 18th position, ahead of the United Kingdom (21st) and the United States who come in 23rd position.

According to the Forum, these good statistics from Luxembourg and Switzerland are the result of "a robust growth and labor market, high median standards of living, good environmental management and low public debt. ".

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