MIMCO Capital continues acquisitions on behalf of its "Everest One SICAV-FIAR" fund

MIMCO Capital is pursuing acquisitions on behalf of its "Everest One SICAV-FIAR" fund with a commercial space rented to the brand "Roller" located in Alsfeld in West Germany in the Lander Hesse (5th Lander with GDP on most important of Germany).

The Roller Group was founded in 1969 in Germany and continues to expand across several countries. The group has more than 150 stores employing more than 6,000 people. The Roller brand is very well known in Germany and displays very good results.

The acquisition was completed for more than € 5.6 million with a yield on acquisition of 7.47% AEM. The remaining firm term of the commercial lease is 6.2 years.

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