22 September 2023
Germany and the United States : the most popular investment destinations for 2019

To the question "Which European countries offer the best global conditions to invest in 2019 in all categories of real estate assets?" the most cited country is Germany, at 31%, France and the United Kingdom, far behind, each account for about 13%. Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden and Austria are also considered to have favorable conditions for investment in 2019.

"The survey revealed the intention of investors to focus primarily on their domestic market.In parallel, the strong position of Germany compared to other European real estate markets is clear.A professional investor out of three in France and a out of five in the UK cite Germany as their preferred market for 2019."

Regarding non-European markets, the United States unambiguously maintains its position as a leader, since the United States was cited as a favorite country for real estate investment outside Europe by 53% of those consulted and having mandates to invest significantly … Australia and Japan, on the other hand, are barely present in the European investors' vision, with respectively 13% and 10% of the responses.

"Due to rising hedging costs, European real estate investors are likely to be less active in the US in 2019 than in previous years, but as other international markets face similar challenges, US markets continue to exit. of the lot."

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Eager to place innovation and digital technology at the heart of the customer experience, the group is launching MIMCO Platform.

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The first property offered in Portugal, the 'Santos Townhouse,' is a natural extension of MIMCO's existing portfolio, aligning with their pan‑European investment strategy.

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With over 1.3 billion euros in assets under management by 2023, the MIMCO Group is pursuing its pan‑European growth and development strategy.


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The MIMCO Group teams would like to express their warmest wishes for the New Year. May it be filled with opportunities, innovation, and prosperity for each of you.