22 September 2023
MIMCO AM receives the SRI label for its fund “MIMCO Revitalize”

Only four months after the MIMCO Grand-Ducal fund, it is now the turn of the MIMCO Revitalize fund, recently launched by MIMCO AM and focused on real estate revitalization in Germany, to obtain the SRI label granted by AFNOR.

Fully aware of the issues and challenges to be met to achieve responsible real estate objectives, MIMCO AM is committed to implementing a rigorous process, from the selection of investment opportunities to the day-to-day management of the buildings.

"This tangible award not only confirms MIMCO AM's commitment to responsible real estate, but also accelerates the deployment of our sustainable real estate strategy, with a 100% value-added strategy in Germany on the MIMCO Revitalize fund. The awarding of the SRI label implies a very precise and transparent investment process, which makes the management of our investments all the more demanding", reports Ara Adjennian, Managing Director and Partner of MIMCO AM.

MIMCO AM's approach is to implement ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) best practices to enhance the quality of its assets and improve their ESG performance through the implementation of concrete actions.

Initially set up in 2016 by the French Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, the SRI label is, since the end of 2020, awarded annually to real estate investment funds that respect specific ethical criteria, whether it is the consideration of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria, but also the communication of these criteria to investors, the adoption of extra-financial analysis tools or the release of these investments’ impact measurements towards sustainable development.

Christophe Nadal, Chairman of MIMCO AM adds: "We are proud to offer investment solutions like MIMCO Revitalize and a portfolio of assets that consider ESG criteria to limit their impact on the environment. It is in the Group's DNA to systematically integrate the highest criteria in this area into our approach. Obtaining this label recognizes our entire management approach and confirms our real estate expertise, which aims to ensure that our assets are compatible with changing regulations, user demands, and the responsible investments sought by certain investors.”

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