22 September 2023
MIMCO Capital « A collective commitment to Value added real estate »

Co-founders of several structures including MERCUREIM, Bernd von Manteuffel and Christophe Nadal have decided to bring together all their management and investment structures within a single entity. To this end, they have recently created the MIMCO Capital Group, based in Luxembourg and Berlin.

"Through this new structure, the MIMCO Capital teams will continue to co-administer, ensure the asset management and property management of the MERCUREIM EF1 property portfolio, which will exceed € 100 million in assets in the coming weeks. follow. Our focus No.1 will remain to deliver the best performance to all investors. The very positive results recorded with MERCUREIM EF1 are also there to demonstrate it", says Christophe Nadal, co-founder of MIMCO Capital.

Seeking new opportunities

In the dynamic that has been set up with MERCUREIM EF1, the two founders of MIMCO Capital wants to continue developing new opportunities in the strongest and most potential European real estate markets.

For this they have federate a wide variety of skills recognized in the real estate industry in Europe. "We all share the idea that the real estate value added activity through collective investment projects must combine expertise and commitment", says Bernd von Manteuffel.

"Our aim is to coordinate our employees and investors who want to create value by actively improving the real estate assets around our projects, so that it remains in line with expectations and market standards."

Ensuring control of the value chain

Through various structures and investment vehicles, MIMCO Capital puts in place controlled strategies to guarantee the value of real estate assets managed over the long term. "For this we can rely on a multidisciplinary team, with a solid experience, allowing us to control the entire real estate value chain. From legal structuring to property management, including project management, we manage all the steps that contribute to the revaluation of real estate projects", explains Bernd von Manteuffel.

Successful investment solutions

MIMCO Capital creates investment solutions with only one concern: the redistribution of maximum value to our investors. For this, the company doesn’t seek to create funds with a management time almost unlimited and can sometimes bring together gigantic volumes of assets. "We specialized in the segment of closed or semi-open funds ranging from 50M € to 300M € invested for terms of 5 to 8 years", says Christophe Nadal. "We also take care to control collection flows allowing us to limit the pressure of acquisitions."

Expertise in the German and Luxemburg markets

Based on our experience and our investments, MIMCO Capital will continue to invest according to a specific strategy, by positioning itself on "Value Added" assets located on the German markets and on Luxembourg real estate development, which according to our expertise are today in Europe, those with the most potential for value creation in the coming years.

"We will launch two new real estate funds very soon, continuing our strategy of investing in" Value Added "assets in Germany and in Luxemburg real estate development", announces Christophe Nadal.

Notre Actualité


With over 1.3 billion euros in assets under management by 2023, the MIMCO Group is pursuing its pan‑European growth and development strategy.


Voeux 2024

The MIMCO Group teams would like to express their warmest wishes for the New Year. May it be filled with opportunities, innovation, and prosperity for each of you.



The Mercureim EF1 fund is pursuing its divestment objective with the sale of two commercial assets in Germany.



As part of one of its club deals, the MIMCO group is participating, alongside the JHMH group, in the acquisition of an office and retail building located in the Réaumur‑Sébastopol district of the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.