22 September 2023
MIMCO Capital announces the arrival of Elodie Gesquiere-Rouyer as “Sales Manager”

With the evolution of its real estate division in Luxembourg, MIMCO Capital has chosen to appoint Elodie Gesquiere-Rouyer to the position of Sales Manager. With 12 years of experience in the real estate sector in Luxembourg, mainly in residential real estate, Elodie will oversee supporting the design of spaces and developing the group's new real estate programs sale in Luxembourg.

Excellent interpersonal skills coupled with a strong capacity for conviction

"We are delighted to have Elodie join our team. In addition to her in-depth knowledge of Luxembourg's real estate and socio-economic landscape, which gives us very precise market assessments, her perfect mastery of sales and negotiation techniques and her charisma are very valuable assets in advising and guiding our clients in their acquisition projects, from prospecting to the conclusion of transactions", explains Christophe Nadal, co-founder and CEO of the MIMCO group.

From her beginnings within the INOWAI group, a leader in Luxembourg's corporate and residential real estate, Elodie quickly demonstrated her involvement and was then promoted to real estate negotiator. After consolidating her skills for 7 years and before joining MIMCO Capital, she was a Senior Consultant at JLL Luxembourg, a recognized player in the commercial real estate industry. In charge of the sale of VEFA properties and the support to developers in the design of different real estate projects, she also developed an affinity for digital marketing, which gives her a significant advantage in her activities.

Elodie holds a degree in applied foreign languages from the University of Lorraine, complemented by a diploma of real estate agent and promoter issued by the Chamber of Commerce of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

"With Elodie's presence in our team, we are sure to provide our clients with the most careful and quality service. With her proactive, rigorous personality and her social intelligence supported by a natural power of persuasion, she knows how to consider both the context of the future purchase, in addition to the needs and desires of future clients and their financial capacity", assures Bernd von Manteuffel, co-founder and CEO of MIMCO Capital.

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Après une croissance soutenue, le groupe MIMCO fait évoluer son écosystème et renforce son positionnement paneuropéen en tant qu’opérateur immobilier et gestionnaire de solutions d’investissements Private Equity.