22 September 2023
The arrival of Marion Weber as “Legal Officer” strengthens MIMCO Capital’s legal department

In order to support the strong growth of its activities and to improve its organizational performance, MIMCO Capital is structuring its Luxembourg team with the appointment of Marion Weber as "Legal Officer". In her new role, Marion will be responsible for securing the legal compliance aspects of all Group companies in Luxembourg and will support the Legal & Back-Office department.

An exemplary rigor and a determining know-how

Marion Weber has a 9-year experience in administrative services for large groups. She started as an administrative assistant at Société Générale Bank & Trust and then at Ocorian Services Luxembourg, where she was able to work as a Corporate Officer and also acquire solid knowledge in the AML/KYC and FATCA/CRS regulations.

Graduating in the field of investment funds, her intellectual curiosity naturally led her to train as a Transfer Agent, which she recently practiced at Apex Corporate Services as a Senior Transfer Agent. To perfect her skills, she studied Company Law in Luxembourg.

Christophe Nadal, co-founder and CEO of MIMCO Capital, underlines: "We are delighted with the arrival of Marion, who will enable us to manage the companies of our group with ever more demanding requirements. Her interpersonal skills, her determination and her organizational skills are real assets in her role of supporting all of MIMCO Capital's businesses. In addition to adapting flexibly to changes in corporate priorities, she has a good grasp of the legal, process and organizational aspects of our business.”

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With over 1.3 billion euros in assets under management by 2023, the MIMCO Group is pursuing its pan‑European growth and development strategy.


Voeux 2024

The MIMCO Group teams would like to express their warmest wishes for the New Year. May it be filled with opportunities, innovation, and prosperity for each of you.



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