What is really happening to the economic situation in Germany and in particular to the real estate market?

Recently, Germany has been a hot topic with macroeconomic statistics that have not been very successful. Many voices are being raised, including the one from the new President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, in favour of government budgetary intervention to boost growth, which is expected to decline further in the coming quarter...

MIMCO Capital accelerates its development and appoints Carole Adeline "Marketing and Communications Director”

Passionate about innovation and development strategies, Carole Adeline has developed, over the past 11 years, an expertise in marketing and communication techniques in line with the evolution of web technologies and digital marketing trends.

New acquisition for MIMCO Capital of a retail park in Lippstadt, Germany

MIMCO Capital is completing the acquisition on behalf of its Everest One fund of a German retail park located in Lippstadt in the Länder of North Rhine-Westphalia. The investment from a US fund amounting +20M€ for a total surface area of 13,388 m2 of floor space includes a cinema, a retail park with well-known brands such as Deichmann as well as a large public car park managed by APCOA, the n°1 car park operator in Europe.

MIMCO Capital co-develops a major operation in the Bourmicht area in Luxembourg Bertrange

MIMCO Capital is pursuing acquisitions on behalf of its "BUILDIM" fund with the co-development of a major retail and office operation located in the Bourmicht area of ​​Luxembourg Bertrange. Located in the east of the city of Luxembourg, the Bourmicht area is a concentration of major retailers and international companies, such as; Citi Bank, JLL, Sodexo, Orange, Lexus, Hyundai, Opel, Volvo, Ricoh, Hornbach, Intersport, Baloese, AG2R La Mondiale, Kneip ... ..

MIMCO Capital appoints Volker Grinda “Financial Director & Administrator” for Germany

With more than 39 years of professional experience in various banks, Volker Grinda has acquired a complete knowledge of the fields of commercial real estate financing (+€4 billion under his responsibility), transaction management as well as the development and implementation of investment strategies. 

Development of an residential building in the Belair district in Luxembourg for the "BUILDIM" fund

MIMCO Capital continues its acquisitions on behalf of its fund "BUILDIM" with the development of a luxury residential operation located in the district of Luxembourg Belair. The first phase of the operation will develop 6 apartments of very high standard. The project has just been authorized, work will begin in Q42019.

The Mimco Capital team will be attending EXPO REAL 2019!

EXPO REAL is Europe's largest real estate and investment fair. Bringing together all important areas of design, including investment, financing, Asset Management, Property Management, operation and use, it represents the entire chain of players in the global real estate sector. Find the MIMCO Capital team at EXPO REAL 2019!

MIMCO Capital continues acquisitions on behalf of its "Everest One SICAV-FIAR" fund

MIMCO Capital is pursuing acquisitions on behalf of its "Everest One SICAV-FIAR" fund with a commercial space rented to the brand "Roller" located in Alsfeld in West Germany in the Lander Hesse (5th Lander with GDP on most important of Germany).

MIMCO Capital continues its acquisitions and launches the revitalization of a shopping center and offices located in Germany

MIMCO Capital continues its acquisitions and launches the revitalization of a shopping center and offices located in the city center of Gladbeck in the Länder North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. A complete restructuring of the shopping center is planned over a period of 24 months...

"BUILDIM" a new real estate fund focusing on real estate development in Luxembourg.

With "BUILDIM", MIMCO Capital launches a new real estate fund focusing on real estate development in Luxembourg. MIMCO Capital intends to benefit its investors from the economic and demographic growth that supports the activity in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

New opportunities on the german real estate market ?

Until 2006 that major international finance players wasn't took a close interest in the German real estate market. At the time, many organizations from all over the world, all sharing the same desire to quickly generate significant returns on investments, have massively injected funds. German real estate was then considered as a new class of assets in its own right.

The retail market increase in Luxembourg

The retail market moved into occupancy at 32,000m 2 in 2018, an increase of 11%. A study by Cushman & Wakefield Luxembourg explains that the retail market has become an occupancy of 32,000m2 in 2018, an increase of 11%, despite the growth of e-commerce.

Luxembourg rank 2nd out of 128 countries in terms of political stability and safety

Luxembourg rank 2nd to the most "inclusive" economy in the world. In a study published by the World Economic Forum, Luxembourg ranks second among the most "inclusive" economies, that is to say, combining growth, population well-being, security and political stability.

MIMCO Capital appoints Roland Schleider "Head of Asset Management" for Germany.

Roland Schleider has been active in the real estate world for more than 25 years. He has extensive experience in the European market in finance, construction, transaction and real estate asset management.

MIMCO Capital « A collective commitment to Value added real estate »

Co-founders of several structures including MERCUREIM, Bernd von Manteuffel and Christophe Nadal have decided to bring together all their management and investment structures within a single entity. To this end, they have recently created the MIMCO Capital Group, based in Luxembourg and Berlin.

MERCUREIM EF1 continues its acquisitions with a car centers portfolio BMW/MINI in Germany

MERCUREIMEF1 continues its acquisitions with a car centers portfolio BMW/MINI in Germany signed with a major car dealer. The portfolio was bought for more than 16 Million € act in hands. The total surface of the portfolio represents 15.598 m2 built on a global land of 74.026 m2. The sale & Leaseback was concluded with a 10 years lease contract. Congratulations to all the team for this achievement.

Source : Page Mercureim

Germany and the United States : the most popular investment destinations for 2019

In the question "Which European countries offer the best global conditions to invest in 2019 in all categories of real estate assets?" the most cited country is Germany, at 31%, France and the United Kingdom, far behind, each account for about 13%. Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden and Austria are also considered to have favorable conditions for investment in 2019.

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