22 September 2023
MIMCO Capital acquires new supermarket portfolio in Germany

On behalf of its "Everest One SICAV-FIAR" fund, the MIMCO Capital Group is strengthening its portfolio of assets in Germany, with the new acquisition of two food stores with well-known brands located in the centre-west of the country, in Ober-Mörlen and Michelstadt, in the Land of Hesse. 

The total usable area of the property complex represents 6,903 sqm on a total land area of +14,600 sqm including 80 parking spaces for each asset. This operation represents an investment of 11 million euros.

"This is an interesting property complex due to its strategic location in each of the two towns. The first one benefits from total exclusivity as the only supermarket in the municipality of Ober-Mörlen, while the second one benefits from a privileged location on one of the main business areas of Michelstadt. In addition, both retail premises are 100% occupied by two well-known brands and the surrounding area is home to nationally and internationally renowned brands such as McDonald's, Kaufland, DM, Lidl and Action", reports Bernd von Manteuffel, co-founder and CEO of MIMCO Capital.

Located 35 km from Frankfurt and perfectly accessible thanks to the existing infrastructure, the first asset in Ober-Mörlen is exclusively leased by REWE, Germany's second largest food retailer. The company has a surface area of 2,838 sqm.

The second asset, located in Michelstadt, is fully let to the Edeka-Gruppe, one of the leading German food retailers. In 2009, the group achieved a turnover of 42 billion euros through 12,000 outlets in Europe. The store has a surface area of 4,065 sqm.

"Like our previous acquisitions for the Everest One SICAV-FIAR fund, this real estate investment is perfectly in line with the fund's investment strategy and reflects MIMCO Capital's desire to offer the best balance between stable rental flows thanks to a 100% occupancy rate and the potential for rental reversion at the end of the leases," explains Christophe Nadal, co-founder and CEO of MIMCO Capital.

Thanks to all the MIMCO teams involved in this acquisition.

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