About us

"A collective commitment focusing 
on real estate revitalization".

In a changing world, with changing practices and lifestyles, MIMCO Capital creates value by managing assets which keep pace with market and user expectations. We adapt real estate to its time, in particular through the use of technology and in line with the latest energy standards, so that it will stand the test of time.

With this in mind, MIMCO Capital structures, develops and supports the growth of real estate investment vehicles. Through them, professional investors can gain access to first-rate management and strategies that would normally be out of reach.

Our investment solutions, with a high level of transparency, target the search for relatively high and stable income flows through an excellent diversification of risk sources.

Aware that taking into account environmental, social and governance criteria leads to a better evaluation of investments in terms of usefulness and sustainability, MIMCO Capital ensures that its investment analyses incorporate socially responsible thinking in response to the challenges of the real estate sector.

Key figures*

  • 47
    million EUR of real estate managed through different structures
  • 47
    properties under management and operations under development
  • 47
    experienced people at the service of collective creation
  • 5.1
    billion EUR track record accumulated by management

* Consolidated figures for the group and its subsidiaries.

Our reach

Throughout Europe, MIMCO Capital has a large network of professional investors who are willing to contribute to real estate revaluation and development projects. Because we have a good understanding of the markets on which we operate, we are able identify the best investment opportunities.

Investment solutions

Everest One

The main focus of Everest One is to build a real estate portfolio in Germany through investments primarily in commercial and office real estate, then in a more opportunistic way to hotels, healthcare establishments and residential real estate.


"Closed subscriptions"

BUILDIM aims to invest in real estate development or buildings to be restructured with high value added corresponding to the investment strategy.

Mercureim EF1

"Closed subscriptions"

Mercureim EF1 invests in real estate, through properties mainly located in Germany. The fund favours assets with strong value creation potential through market compliance projects.


Ocity aims to invest in real estate development operations or buildings to be restructured with high added value and with a focus on Luxembourg.

Our services



Discover MIMCO Capital in 1 minute 30

In only 1 minute 30, we give you an overview of our activity, our know-how, our signature and what makes us different as well as our track record as of 15/06/2021 (consolidated figures for the group and its subsidiaries).

We believe that it is first by investing in certain assets to revitalize them, ensuring that they are in line with current market standards, that value can be maximized.

In this way, we develop a tailor-made offer for European and international investors and create investment projects aimed at developing quality properties.

See you soon! The MIMCO Capital group teams


MIMCO Capital completes the acquisition of the "Schumann Project" in Strassen, Luxembourg

The MIMCO Capital group is actively pursuing its investments by recently acquiring a property located on the Route d'Arlon in the municipality of Strassen, to the west of the Luxembourg capital...

MIMCO AM obtains the French SRI label (label ISR) for its MIMCO Grand-Ducal fund

Focusing on real estate development in Luxembourg and launched by the management company MIMCO AM, the MIMCO Grand-Ducal fund has just obtained the French real estate SRI label (label ISR)....

MIMCO Capital completes new acquisition in Bad Salzungen, Germany

MIMCO Capital continues to acquire properties in Germany on behalf of its "Everest One SICAV-RAIF" fund, with a predominantly commercial property in Bad Salzungen, near Erfurt, in the German state of Thuringia...

MIMCO AM launches "MIMCO Grand-Ducal" dedicated to real estate development in Luxembourg

MIMCO Asset Management introduces a new alternative investment fund focused on real estate development in Luxembourg: "MIMCO Grand-Ducal"...

New residential development project for "OCITY" in Luxembourg City

MIMCO Capital has just acquired on behalf of the "OCITY" fund a land for the development of a residential building located in Luxembourg city near the Place d'Argent...

MIMCO Asset Management appoints Antoine Heslot as "Fund Manager"

In order to structure the MIMCO Capital group's growth, MIMCO AM strengthens its team with the appointment of Antoine Heslot as "Fund Manager". He will be responsible for...

MIMCO Capital signs the 2021 Global Investor Statement to Governments on the Climate Crisis

With a responsible approach to its investments, the MIMCO Capital group is actively pursuing its sustainable commitment and undertakes...

Ara Adjennian to head up MIMCO Asset Management in France

MIMCO Capital announces that its French subsidiary MIMCO Asset Management will be co-headed by Ara Adjennian, who joins the shareholders of the MIMCO Capital Group as Managing Director and Partner...

The MIMCO Capital group extends its development to France with the creation of MIMCO AM, a management company approved by the AMF

On 20 May 2021, MIMCO Asset Management was authorized by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers under the number GP-21000018, pursuant to the AIFM directive applicable in France...

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